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About Us

We are a dynamic team of consultants with combined total of over 13 years in the field of Career Counseling, Visa Expert and Travel Guides.

Our passion is creating value and bringing dreams to life! 

We share in your valid dream of travelling abroad and seeing the world, adding value and connecting to the world, expanding your skills and building the future. Dreams to build and impact the world!

In my 13 years plus of counseling, we have been driven by passion and the goal is to ensure each client sticks with us as a family. We want to be there in your successes and in your growth. We want to be there when you need us, and be there together while we both conquer the world!

Part of our goal to create an impact is driven by our desire to enrich everyone that comes our way, by adding value through the process and choices you make or by enriching you by working with us. 

We are the future force that will take Africa to the World and find ways to bring the world to Africa. We are passionate about the growth of the African people and their nations and bringing development back to Africa.  So in future when you meet us, do not be surprised when we ask you ‘What experiences are you bringing back to your country after your travel venture?’


Join us on this journey as we grow to become a world link. Be a part of our growth!

Ifeoma Katherine Nwachukwu

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